Star wars rebels vs clone wars

star wars rebels vs clone wars

With Rebels Season 3 in full swing I thought it'd be an appropriate time to ask how everyone feels about Star Wars Rebels in comparison to. At this point in time. How do you feel the two series compare. Personally I like the Clone Wars more, simply because the later arcs like the. How does Rebels compare to The Clone Wars series? Which in your opinion is If we're being completely objective, The Clone Wars is also very kid-friendly. I liked to see more jedi. The prequels are more interesting and have a far more thoughtout story and The Clone Wars falls insinc with that. Originally posted by NewGuy01 Nah, late TCW animation was vastly better, just look at the last episode of Season 6. HeroUp Follow Forum Posts: Warhead — PPP 14 - 17 Jul , With the inclusion of Maul and that whole story arc, including Bendu, things are really getting intriguing. I grew up with it all but I think they will do good we will see I have Hope tho. I'd much sooner see a genuinely interesting new character than an arbitrary comeback from someone like Hondo. Dec 24, Posts: Jan 21, Posts: star wars rebels vs clone wars

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3 Reasons Why The Clone Wars is Better Than Star Wars Rebels I find them hard to compare. Batvibe12 Follow Forum Posts: Clone Wars has some really awesome episodes, some of them you can skip. This page may be out of date. Rebels best episodes are when characters from TCW show up oh and "The Honorable Ones" that was a cool episode too. As I mentioned in the opening, The Clone Wars theatrical premiere was hardly the strongest set of episodes in the series, and was a rather unimpressive debut overall. I think Rebels delivers both on being good throughout something The Clone Wars struggled with , and also having almost perfect high points. Rebels at least have some overall plot. Also what do you guys think of the final Maul vs. Oct 14, Posts: SWNN Forums Search Forums Featured Threads Recent Posts. Star Wars Rebels falls very short of The Clone Wars to my opinion. Rebels best episodes are when characters from TCW show up oh and "The Honorable Ones" that was a cool episode. Grand Master Galen Marek Jun 29,

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